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Ealing area guide

A local information guide to Ealing property, schools, transport links & things to do

  1. Average property price in Ealing


    17.7% above the London Average of £515,293

    Properties for sale (64)

    Source: © Crown Copyright. Land Registry data for March 2015

  2. Average rental price in Ealing

    £490 per week

    38.4% below the London Average of £678 per week

    Properties to rent (56)

    Source: © Foxtons current rental prices

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  1. About Ealing

    Ealing is a district in west London, located in the London Borough of Ealing. It is situated 7.7 miles (12.4 km) west of Charing Cross. The area is often referred to as the "Queen of the Suburbs". Ealing has a longstanding Irish community. This is particularly visible through the number of Irish pubs in the borough and the popularity of Gaelic games within the community. County flags for example, can be seen flown on the outside or hung inside of various pubs in the area. It was during the Victorian period that Ealing became a town. This meant that roads had to be built, drainage provided, and schools and public buildings erected. The man responsible for much of all this was Charles Jones, Borough Surveyor from 1863–1913. He planted the horse chestnut trees on Ealing Common and designed the Town Hall, both the present one and the older structure which is now a bank (on the Mall). Ealing Broadway became a major shopping centre.

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  2. Feedback from Ealing locals

    Ealing is a leafy, comfy, laid back adornment to London life. You're never too far from a good coffee house or restaurant, and there's lots of choice for socialising. You have close links to M4, and good transport options if commuting further in to the city. Submitted by Robert, January 2015

    Ealing is a mix of modern and country side ambience. Outside the train station you can see a lot of shopping malls, restaurants and cafes but if you walk a bit further inside the picture changes to some roads with rows of Victorian houses. I've been told that these houses are one of the most expensive in the Greater London area. There is loads of greenery around with all amenities almost at your doorstep. On its western side are a number of beautiful brick houses of the 18th and early 19th century – if I had the money this is probably where I would choose to live in Ealing! There are large Irish pubs, in case you’re in need of liquid refreshment. Ealing is a strong, growing place with important, influential residents and many local events also take place at Ealing Town hall, including concerts, photography exhibitions and meetings of local societies. To the south lie the Ealing Film Studios, again the subject of another tip .Although I didn't know much about them it seems that a lot of films were produced at Ealing Studios, I didn't go inside (I don’t even know if this is possible but there was no sign outside that they are open to the public) so on a lovely Saturday morning we just took a picture from outside.Walpole park is a beautiful park where people go for picnic, playing football, jogging etc . Me and my hubby spend some time watching many squirrels passing by. There is also a lovely pond and a cute children’s play area but most of the park are spacious green areas where people play football. We loved the paths that are lined with trees and doing exercise in fresh air. By the way every July the park hosts the Ealing Jazz festival that must be great (and almost free!) with hundreds of people going there and enjoy the events (there are also theatrical plays, opera etc) Submitted by Ruma, December 2014

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Transport options for Ealing

Nearest stations and roads serving Ealing, or browse Tube map.

  1. Underground stations

    Ealing Broadway
           line, Zone 3

    North Ealing
        line, Zone 3

    Ealing Common
           line, Zone 3

    South Ealing
        line, Zone 3

    West Acton
        line, Zone 3

  2. Train stations

    Ealing Broadway station

    West Ealing station
    Zone 3

    Drayton Green station
    Zone 4

    Castle Bar Park station
    Zone 4

    Hanwell station
    Zone 4

  3. Driving & walking

    Get driving directions or walking directions to/from Ealing.

Schools in Ealing

The top rated (Ofsted) schools in and around Ealing.

Primary schools

School LEA Total pupils Av. Point Scoreper student Ofsted
National average 28.4
Christ the Saviour Church of England Primary School Ealing 740 31.2 Outstanding
La Chouette School (£) Ealing 38 - Good
Clifton Lodge School (£) Ealing 144 - Good
Durston House School (£) Ealing 400 - -
Harvington Prep School (£) Ealing 99 - -

More primary schools in Ealing

Secondary schools

School LEA Total pupils GCSE Level 2 (5+ A* to C) Ofsted
National average 59.9
Insights Independent School (£) Ealing 49 0% Outstanding
Ealing Independent College (£) Ealing 119 10% Good
Clifton Lodge School (£) Ealing 144 - Good
St Benedict's School (£) Ealing 1095 94% -
Notting Hill and Ealing High School (£) Ealing 885 50% -

More secondary schools in Ealing

Feedback about living in Ealing has been submitted directly by the public and may not neccessarily reflect the views of Foxtons. The description of Ealing was modified from Wikipedia and is available under the Creative Commons licence. Land Registry data is Crown copyright.

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