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Living in North Kingston

A local information guide to North Kingston property, schools and public transport.

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North Kingston property (Data updated today)

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    4 beds 4 bedroom properties from £875,000 to £875,000
    £875,000 £875,000 £875,000 £875,001 £875,000
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Transport in North Kingston

Nearest public transport stations in and around North Kingston.

  1. Underground stations

    DistrictOverground line, Zone 4

    Dundonald Road
    Tramlink line, Zone 3,4,5

    DistrictTramlink line, Zone 3

    Kew Gardens
    DistrictOverground line, Zone 3/4

    Merton Park
    Tramlink line, Zone 3,4,5

  2. Train stations



    Hampton Wick



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