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A locals' guide to Penge

"The dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park are a fantastic site amongst the beautiful greenery."

Michael Schult

"Everything that you need; a gym and supermarkets by the station, villages bakers, lovely pubs and beautiful parks..."

Michael Schult

"Crystal Palace is a wonderful place for families, with quick commutes and the wide green spaces..."

Martin Debrah

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Where do Penge locals go?

Alexandra Nurseries

Fantastic independent café, home and garden centre.

Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park are a fantastic sight!

Bridge House Theatre

West End-quality performances at outer London prices.

The Shop Revolution Marketplace

The Shop Revolution Marketplace host lots of unique events like poetry and craft nights, with all the items they sell produced by independent designers and jewellery makers. This picture was taken at a Miss Victoria's Floral Emporium flower arranging workshop.

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre has everything you would want, from a pool, to a gym, to exercise classes.

Cherry & Ice

A café serving delicious ice creams and milkshakes with the friendliest staff - they're so lovely and helpful and always make me feel welcome.

Brown & Green Cafe

Grab a quick snack and a coffee whilst at Crystal Palace Station.

Brown & Green Cafe

This charming cafe sells delicious cakes and fried breakfasts. It's a great spot to visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon or after a jog around Mayow Park!

South Norwood Lake and Grounds

Feeding the ducks on South Norwood Lake is a great way to escape city life.

South Norwood Lake and Grounds

A pretty area for walking round with peaceful surroundings. There's a great cafe too.

Mayow Park

With a bowling green, play area and cricket pitches, Mayow Park is a great place to chill out at the weekend.

Love 'A' Slice

Cheesecakes, cream cakes and milkshakes - heaven for those with a sweet tooth!

Crystal Palace Park

A fantastic spot for enjoying the sunshine!

The Crystal Palace Market

A unique culinary experience - choose your fresh produce from the market and then watch it be prepared into a tasty meal.

Mr Simms

Old fashioned sweets and American candy in abundance!

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What do you love about Penge?

Why do you find Penge a great place to live?


"Great community, history and home of the Grade I-listed dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park."

January 2017


"Old historical alms houses and cottages, lovely gardens and parks, a wonderful community spirit, great schools and with the rebuilding of Crystal Palace on the cards – definitely on the up!!!"

February 2015


"Penge, 15 mins by train from Victoria, is a beautiful, calm and friendly area with a lot of parks. The biggest one is Crystal Palace Park with sport infrastructure such as swimming pool, gym, trampoline for kids ... The high street is full of shops and restaurants. It's the best place for singles, couples and families. We have fantastic schools as well in Penge. How lovely it is to live in Penge!"

February 2015


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"Dinosaur Court features a variety of sculptures of distinct animals through the ages and was commissioned following The Crystal Palace's move to the South. It is now Grade I listed."

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