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St John's Wood and surrounding areas

A locals' guide to St John's Wood and surrounding areas

"Swiss Cottage's gorgeous period homes enhance the area's appeal."

Kristian Brown

"The jewel of North London - tree-lined streets, wide pavements, fantastic buildings...yet into central London in 20 minutes."

Dean Lane

"The canals bring a country feel to this central part of London round Regent's Park."

Charles Cutting

What is your favourite place?

Where do St John's Wood and surrounding areas locals go?

Gelato Mio

The best Italian Gelato in NW8!


The best selection of baby brands, along with classes and a good cup of coffee!

Duke of York

A fantastic local pub for after-work drinks. Wednesday is steak night, serving great food at great value.

Lord's Cricket Ground

A summer's afternoon watching the cricket at Lord's is hard to beat!


The best deli in St John's Wood selling everything from fruit and veg to kosher products.

Primrose Hill

The best spot for a picnic or a quick run!

The Princess of Wales

Quirky interiors and a fabulous Sunday lunch in leafy Primrose Hill.

Regent's Park Mosque

One of the largest mosques in West London, also providing a cafeteria, library, attire and book shop.


Megan's do the best salads and cakes - a great addition to St John's Wood High Street!

Rock 'N' Roll Rescue

A one stop shop for music lovers!

The York & Albany

Superb cocktails and excellent food right by Regent's Park.

Hart and Lova

Best croissants in London in lovely laid back non-chain cafe

Abbey Road

It's great to watch The Beatles fans recreate their album cover on Abbey Road!


Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner in French-style interiors. They do a fantastic set menu too, which is a real bargain.

Clifton Greens

Really good quality organic produce at very reasonable prices!

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"In 1829, architect Thomas Wilson proposed a 94-storey pyramidal mausoleum to be built on Primrose Hill to house corpses, as London was running out of space to bury its dead."

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Child-friendly activities near St John's Wood and surrounding areas

The Martial Arts Place

Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre
The Martial Arts Place holds regular classes for children, with a specially structured syllabus that covers first-aid skills, stranger awareness and road safety. Our Junior Kickboxing Programme includes a fun grading system which encourages self-improvement and allows the students' progress to be monitored carefully. Website

Circus Adventure

3 House Club,
Circus fun with Erica Chestnut of The National Centre for Circus Arts. Website

Ole Kids

3 House Club,
The Olé Kids curriculum was developed through years of observing children and what they like doing at different stages cognitively, emotionally and physically. They picked out the best elements of children's classes and coupled it with our knowledge, research, tons of love and respect for children and our endless passion for creating a Spanish speaking community.

After School Science Club,

Poem Bar & Grill,
Children learn a lot of Science concepts in school that are really interesting and useful, but they forget easily if they don't use it on a daily basis. A great way to increase retention of knowledge is by providing fun challenges. The fun will create engagement with the task and the hands-on challenges will provide an opportunity for problem-solving which is a big part of human learning. Website

After School Club: Ballet

3 House Club,
Ballet is a wonderful form of exercise combined with artistic elegance which is useful for developing children's minds, bodies, discipline, creativity and confidence which are all important these days from an early age. Children's earliest memories of ballet should be happy memories! Website

Theatre for little ones

3 House Club,
Rhymes, Puppets and Storeis with actress Jennie May Dunne Website

After School Club: Art

3 House Club,
Explore art and art history with artist Ema Lupusor. 3 House is a family club in St. John's Wood, London created for parents and children. Everybody is welcome to join our community of local mums from St. John's Wood, Maida Vale, Primrose Hill and other nearby areas. You can just meet up for a chat over a coffee with other mums, or join one of our fun & educational classes. Website
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