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West Hill Primary School

Details of West Hill Primary School in Wandsworth LEA.

My school shortlist

  1. West Hill Primary School
    5 Merton Road
    SW18 5ST

    +44 20 8874 5900


    Age range:
    3 to 11 years
    Number of pupils:
    290 pupils
    Community School
    Religious character:
    Does not apply
    Fee paying:
    Boarding facilities:
    Ofsted grade:
    Ofsted report:
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Performance figures for West Hill Primary School

2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Total pupils 290 287 266 237 242 226 207
English (KS2, L4+) 89% 89% 85% 75% 76% 79% 83%
Maths (KS2, L4+) 89% 100% 100% 96% 93% 82% 75%
Value Added score 101.1 101.4 100.7 100.5 - - -
Average point score 29.5 29.0 28.7 27.1 27.4 26.4 27.4
  1. Average point score for 2014

    National (28.7)
    Local Authority (29.2)
    School (29.5)
  2. Value Added for this school

    Value added measures the progress students have made from one stage of their education to another.

    Pupils at West Hill Primary School have made more progress than similar pupils nationally this year.

    Scores above 100 show that the school's impact on its pupils' achievements are better than other schools in the UK.

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Overview of West Hill Primary School

West Hill Primary School is a primary school in the Wandsworth Local Education Authority.

The school is an average sized mixed gender school that performs well in Wandsworth and also nationally.

The Ofsted inspectors recently rated West Hill Primary School as 'Good' and this is also reflected in the good performance of the pupils in this school.

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