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A local information guide to St John's Wood property, schools, transport links & things to do

  1. Average property price in St John's Wood


    61.7% above the London Average of £499,732

    Properties for sale (50)

    Source: © Crown Copyright. Land Registry data for July 2014

  2. Average rental price in St John's Wood

    £950 per week

    26.6% above the London Average of £697 per week

    Properties to rent (64)

    Source: © Foxtons current rental prices

St John's Wood prices compared to nearby locations

Average price from

Area Price movementFrom 1 year ago Average priceFrom 1 year ago Average rentalToday View properties
Belsize Park
£1,223,800 £652 pw Properties for sale or to rent in Belsize Park
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Regent's Park
£932,893 £1,668 pw Properties for sale or to rent in Regent's Park
South Hampstead
£655,723 £670 pw Properties for sale or to rent in South Hampstead
St John's Wood
£1,399,394 £950 pw Properties for sale or to rent in St John's Wood
Swiss Cottage
£1,223,800 £1,516 pw Properties for sale or to rent in Swiss Cottage

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  1. About St John's Wood

    St John's Wood is a district of north-west London, in the City of Westminster, and at the north-west end of Regent's Park. It is approximately 2.5 miles north-west of Charing Cross. Once part of the Great Middlesex Forest, it was later owned by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem. It is home to some of the most expensive properties in the world. St John's Wood was developed from the early 19th century onwards. It was one of the first London suburbs to be developed with a large amount of low density "villa" housing, as opposed to the terraced housing which was the norm in London up to the 19th century, even in expensive districts. Parts of St John's Wood have been rebuilt at a higher density, but it remains a highly desirable residential district. St John's Wood is the location of Lord's Cricket Ground. It is also famous for Abbey Road Studios and the street Abbey Road, where The Beatles recorded, notably the Abbey Road album, the cover of which features the band crossing the road.

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Transport options for St John's Wood

Nearest stations and roads serving St John's Wood, or browse Tube map.

  1. Underground stations

    St. John's Wood
        line, Zone 2

    South Hampstead
        line, Zone 2

    Maida Vale
        line, Zone 2

    Swiss Cottage
        line, Zone 2

    Kilburn High Road
        line, Zone 2

  2. Train stations

    Marylebone station
    Zone 1

    West Hampstead station

    Paddington station
    Zone 1

    Queen's Park station
    Zone 2

    Euston station
    Zone 1

  3. Driving & walking

    Get driving directions or walking directions to/from St John's Wood.

Schools in St John's Wood

The top rated (Ofsted) schools in and around St John's Wood.

Primary schools

School LEA Total pupils Av. Point Scoreper student Ofsted
National average 28.4
The American School in London (£) City of Westminster 1356 - Outstanding
Robinsfield Infant School City of Westminster 236 - Good
Barrow Hill Junior School City of Westminster 231 29.3 Good
St John's Wood Pre-Preparatory School (£) City of Westminster 74 - Good
Arnold House School (£) City of Westminster 267 - -

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Secondary schools

School LEA Total pupils GCSE Level 2 (5+ A* to C) Ofsted
National average 59.9
Swiss Cottage School - Development & Research Centre Camden 234 0% Outstanding
Fine Arts College (£) Camden 133 67% Outstanding
Trevor-Roberts School (£) Camden 173 - -
The Hall School (£) Camden 461 - -
South Hampstead High School (£) Camden 884 100% -

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