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Property investor case studies

Investing in New Homes

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First time investor starts portfolio by acquiring a 2 bedroom newly built apartment

David had been considering investing in property for a while before he got in touch with Foxtons. He was looking for a buy-to-let property of good value that would not only bring him steady monthly rental yield but also steady capital growth. After viewing several properties, he decided to purchase a 2 bedroom flat in The Apartments in Battersea as a buy-to-let investment. The apartment was immediately rented out through Foxtons Battersea. Having had such a good experience purchasing and letting his first buy-to-let purchase, David is looking to re-finance the apartment and re-invest in more properties.

First time investor purchases a buy-to-let property with the aim of re-financing and buying a home closer to central London

Mr Bradfield first got in touch with Foxtons looking to buy a home in central London. After viewing several properties he found that he could not afford to buy at the current market prices and thought he was priced out of the market. However, after being shown a 1 bedroom flat in Resonate through Foxtons he decided to purchase it as a buy to let option while continuing to rent in central London. While renting himself, Mr Bradfield enjoys steady monthly rental income and is planning to remortgage the property in a couple of years in order to fund a home closer to town.

Overseas investor purchases a New Home in the capital as a buy-to-let investment

A Malaysian based investor, Mr Wan, purchased a £300K newly built 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with a balcony and parking in Parkside through Foxtons in 2009. The apartment was quickly rented out by Foxtons for £350 per week. Since then, the weekly rent has risen to £450 and the apartment has never been vacant. After years of benefitting from regular monthly rental income, Mr Wan is now looking to sell the property through Foxtons. The apartment's value is expected to have increased 30% in 4 years. View Battersea's property market report.

Overseas investor splits capital to invest into two buy-to-let properties

Carl is an American national, employed full time for a large multi-national firm in Dubai. Carl had compiled significant savings thanks to his income being tax free and annual bonuses. He came to Foxtons with a desire to invest his income in London property market. With a budget of £500K, Carl's first intention was to invest the whole amount in one property. However, he wanted to maximise the appreciation gains and split his budget into two deposits of £250K and purchase two flats. Carl then got a mortgage rate of 4% and purchased two flats. He plans to re-mortgage the properties in a few years to take out further equity to increase portfolio. Is investing in multiple properties good for you?

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Parents invest in property for the future of their children

Jill and Max got in touch with Foxtons enquiring about the possibility of purchasing a property for their daughter, who is to finish university in 24 months. By considering several possibilities, they had realised that their daughter would realistically take approximately 5 years before being able to afford to buy her own place. After doing some math, Jill and Max concluded that if they released equity from their current home to purchase a property as a buy to let, they would be able to generate £40 000 - £60 000 worth of potential equity. They followed the buy-to-let route and the property had been rented 2 weeks after completion at 6% rental yield. When their daughter moves in 24 months time, she will be contributing to her own mortgage on an already appreciated asset. Jill and Max intend to do the same in further 24 months for their younger daughter.

Parents remortgage their home and helped their son to purchase a home for himself

Alison and Rick wanted to help their son John, who just got a job with a large accountancy firm, to purchase a property instead of him wasting his money renting. However, they only had £20K as a deposit. They both had a good income and they own their house in the Midlands outright that is worth £500K. Alison and Rick remortgaged £250K out of their home on a low interest only mortgage and used that as a deposit so that the purchase property can go into their son's own name. John took out a further £100K mortgage on this property with his salary to purchase at £350K. Alison, Rick and John not only purchased the property they wanted instead of looking below £200K, but also benefitted from lower mortgage repayments than if had purchased with just their savings as a 10% deposit.

Homeowner releases equity from his own home to purchase a buy-to-let as a pension fund

Anthony owns a home in North London and saw their property had rocketed in value over the last 10 years. He decided to purchase a smaller investment property with this in mind. The value increase of Anthony's home means there is a lot of equity in the property. He remortgaged this to get the deposit for the purchase of £150K. He then purchased at £375K with a 60% buy to let mortgage. The mortgage is set up on a capital repayment basis (that is self financing from the rental income). Anthony wishes to pay the mortgage down to own unencumbered at his estimated retirement date so that he can live off the rental income as a pension fund.

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