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Let and managed

A managed property is a property that is professionally maintained by Foxtons Property Management.

Managed properties

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  1. Benefits for tenants

    Even the highest quality properties need maintenance, so when you rent a managed property through Foxtons you can relax in the knowledge that we are only a phone call away if something does go wrong.

    We have reliable and experienced contractors on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Because our excellent service takes the stress out of renting a property, we are finding that many top international corporations seeking accommodation for their staff prefer to rent managed properties.

    Managed by Foxtons

    If this icon appears next to a property it indicates that the property is managed professionally by Foxtons Property Management.

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  2. Benefits for landlords

    Our corporate and high-calibre private tenants expect an excellent level of service when they rent a property through us.

    Where we are appointed to manage the property we take care of the day-to-day tasks associated with being a landlord and make sure that both your property and your tenant are given the necessary care and attention.

    Landlords, sign up to Foxtons Property Management or call 0800 369 8667 for more information.

    Sign up to Foxtons Property Mangement

Landlords, call 0800 369 8667 for more details about letting your property, or to find out how much rent your property could achieve