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Family appeal in Woking's suburbs

"There has been fantastic development around Jubilee Square in the past few years."

Craig Brant

"Woking's centre offers plenty of shops and entertainment facilities, but with plenty of greenery surrounding it."

Craig Brant

"Watching the narrow boats sail along Basingstoke Canal is a real treat and gives Woking its countryside appeal."

Daniel Green

What is your favourite place?

Where do Maybury locals go?

Mr Mulligan's Pirate Golf, Hoebridge Golf Centre

A great venue for pirate themed fun!

The Inn at Maybury

Gastro pub with a lovely beer garden.

Hoebridge Golf Centre

One of the best of the 11 golf courses within a few miles of Woking town centre!

The Anchor

The Anchor on the River Wey between Pyrford Village and Wisley Gardens. Great place to sit in the summer, if you can get a table that is!


The best dry cleaners in Woking with same day dry cleaning!


Enjoy ice cream? Cream's has the best variety of very naughty treats. The Oreo sundae is my favourite!

The Big Apple

Bowling, arcades and Laser Quest - the best family entertainment!


One of my favourite places to grab a healthy lunch.... Beats Starbucks and Pret every time!

Cafe Class

The best bacon butty in Woking!

M2 Pizza Pasta

A great little family-owned Italian place with a calm and easy atmosphere perfect if you want to chill out. They have a great choice of dishes!

Cellar Magneval

Good little wine bar that always provides good service and choice.

Latino Restaurant

A lovely Italian restaurant in the heart of Woking. They serve a really nice veal dish and an amazing carbonara too!

Tante Marie Culinary Academy and Restaurant

World leading chef courses and cookery school classes.

Amore Gelato

An ice cream vendor in Woking's market place selling absolutely delicious ice cream, particularly the honeycomb...

Pool in the Park

You can have a fantastic family day out at this leisure centre, where there's a wave machine and slides.

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"Horsell Common was where the aliens first land in HG Wells' War of the Worlds. Woking has a Martian tripod to commemorate the event and is shown walking from the Common."

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