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Foxtons Minis

Since their launch in 2001, the Foxtons fleet of branded Minis have become iconic in London's culture.

Anniversary Edition Mini

The Mini's modern and stylish look is the ideal complement to the Foxtons brand, with its classic design, British roots and sense of fun. Its versatility has allowed the comfortable adoption of a new identity over the years.

The Mini is the ultimate urban vehicle - its compact size making it easy to manoeuvre through London's heavy traffic.

Our Mini chauffeur service also removes the stress of parking and congestion, meaning our buyers and tenants can arrive at their viewings in a relaxed frame of mind.

  1. Take a look behind the scenes

    Changing the design of our iconic fleet of Minis is a huge operation and takes months and months of planning.

    Take a look at the effort that goes into the actual rebrand process...

    Watch the video

  1. Foxtons Mini
    Iconic design

    Acknowledging the 10th edition of the Foxtons Mini, the new design pays tribute to the classic and much loved original 'Italian Job' Mini which first hit the streets of London over 10 years ago.

  2. Detail of logo
    Racing heritage

    The 'Anniversary Edition' pays homage to the original, but has been adapted for a more sophisticated and contemporary feel, with a subtle splash of Foxtons branding!

  3. Foxtons Mini
    Hundreds of Minis

    The latest car develops the streamlined look of its predecessor, communicating professionalism through its pared-down palette and stark, edgy appearance.

Previous Foxtons Mini designs

  1. Foxtons Mini
    2010 X-ray Mini

    The arresting new artwork encompasses the entire car, stretching seamlessly across every surface to complete the mesmeric optical illusion of an x-ray.

    Achieving this stunning transparent finish took over one hundred x-rays, which were then painstakingly stitched together, to form the completed panels ready to be applied to the Minis.

  2. Foxtons Mini
    2008 Space Mini

    The 2008 Mini took its inspiration from the space rocket, featuring futuristic silver and green colouring with NASA-style numbers along the sides and roof.

    The Space Mini alluded to the Foxtons' philosophy of taking a forward thinking and energetic approach to the market, and also reiterating the Foxtons' ethos of endurance.

  3. Foxtons Mini
    2007 Property Chase Mini

    The 2007 concept took its inspiration from horse racing and the 6 different versions reflected the colours and patterns of racing 'silks'.

    Each car was given a name which tips the cap to typical racehorse names and also reflects the driver's home track, such as Westminster Wonder and Fulham Flyer.

  4. Foxtons Mini
    2006 Punk Mini

    The 2006 'Punk' Mini was launched in time for the 30th anniversary of Punk, epitomised by The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. The movement has never been far from the forefront of popular culture and today its influence can be seen in bands such as Razorlight, the Killers, Kaiser Chiefs and the Libertines.

    The design reflects the combination of traditional and modern motifs that made punk so radical and innovative.

  5. Foxtons Mini
    2005 Camo Mini

    The 2005 'Camo' Mini was inspired by 'urban jungle' culture, a feature of contemporary London street fashion.

    Funky camouflage adorned the roof and doors, whilst stencilled identity numbers and sticker-style language brought a sense of 'coolness' to the design.

  6. Foxtons Mini
    2004 Hippy Mini

    The 2004 'Hippy' Mini harked back to swinging 60s London and the halcyon days of the Mini.

    The design brought a vibrant splash of colour to the urban landscape and a smile to onlookers' faces with its bold flowers, bright red roof and heart-shaped location sticker. To further the 1960's theme, all the writing on the car was in a psychedelic font, bringing a great sense of fun to the design.

  7. Foxtons Mini
    2003 Urban Graffiti Mini

    In 2003 the 'Urban Graffiti' Mini was unleashed on London.

    Designed as a humorous take on city living, a huge graffiti-style Foxtons signature (created by a leading London artist) was emblazoned on both sides of the vehicle, while a Foxtons logo covered the roof.

  8. Foxtons Mini
    2002 Hot Rod Mini

    In 2002 came the 'Hot Rod' model, influenced this time by America's racing heritage to celebrate the birth of Foxtons USA.

    This model had bags of attitude - flames licked up the bonnet and poured across the wheel arches, and the sporty number shouted from the roof!

  9. Foxtons Mini
    2001 Italian Job Mini

    Back in 2001 every Mini in our fleet became a moving Foxtons billboard and made us truly stand out amongst London's estate agents.

    The first 'Italian Job' model was inspired by the Mini Cooper's racing heritage - British Racing Green with large door numbers, bonnet stripes and a Foxtons' union flag in green and yellow on the roof. The design radiates a cheeky mix of fun and professionalism.

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