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Our website testimonials

A selection of feedback from our clients.

  1. WOW - you definitely have the best website in the industry; I especially love the mapping and tube search functionality.Ms Neild
  2. Frighteningly good. Amazing website and fantastic, friendly person I spoke to who projected enthusiasm and *concern* about finding me somewhere to live. I'm impressed. Theo
  3. The best presented estate agents website I have ever seen: excellent plans, maps etc. Very comprehensive coverage for anybody buying a house, especially in an unfamiliar area.
    Mr Conquest
  4. Your website is quite the most well thoughtout property site I have seen. Miles ahead of the competition. Somebody pretty visionary has sat down and thought about the site and what's needed to create a helpful service to buyers. Clearly you have invested resources in the site and it shows, its very clear, easy to navigate and packed with extra features. Mr Minor
  5. I'm sure you're already aware of this ;o) but just wanted to say that you have such an impressive website. It's clear, quick, easy to use and gives you all the info you would need before going to see a property. The provision of floorplans is especially useful. Other estate agents' sites pale in comparison... I only wanted to check how much my neighbour's flat was for sale at, but have been browsing for a while... Anon
  6. This is an excellent, fast and easily navigable site. You deserve every award you've received. The neighbourhood/area descriptions are a simple feature that I have been waiting for on real estate sites for years. Your 'fresh' branding position is unique and well used. Other real estate agencies don't think they need branding, that the properties will speak for themselves - couldn't be further from the truth. Wonderful work! WebAward Judge
  7. Congratulations on a most impressive website. Richard
  8. Very impressed by the site, user friendly, well designed...excellent. I see you have great pictures and 360° Virtual Tours to present your properties online to buyers. Yvonne
  9. Most impressed with your website. Mr Carr
  10. Your website is excellent. Mr Patel
  11. Your website is the most user friendly and informative out of all the agents in the UK. Trevor
  12. Brilliant website! Map functionality to perform searches is fantastic, as is the PDF brochure download feature! Keep up the good work! Mr Smith
  13. Your website is very impressive, far better than all the others, and I really appreciated getting the feedback from you yesterday, it seems you run a very good team. Abi
  14. Website is great, floorplans, pictures etc. Yours is the benchmark for others. Tom
  15. Hi, you have by far the best web site of any UK estate agency and I've found it really useful. Mr D Smith
  16. My wife and I are currently looking for a property via your website, the design of which is absolutely outstanding. Mr Lewis
  17. What an amazing website. Absolutely amazing! The functionality is superb. Mr Johnson
  18. I have found your website very user friendly, well designed and intuitive, thank you. Mr Ross
  19. Can I just point out that I think the Foxtons website is very informative and user friendly compared to all the others I have looked at. Congratulations. Henry
  20. The website is fantastic!!! Mr Calderia
  21. Excellent website, easy to navigate. Mr Wallace
  22. Foxtons' website is so easy to use and well presented!! Miss Linton
  23. I'm thinking about buying or leasing a flat in London and the Foxtons site is far and away the best of all the estate agent sites I have visited. In particular you provide much more information about each listing, which is enormously helpful to me. Ted Rast
  24. Your site looks amazing, I'm a web developer and I'm jealous of the design there. It also works very well. John
  25. This is one of the most impressive websites I have visited in many years of surfing. I am a hard-nosed IT consultant so am not easily impressed. Well done. The floorplans are very useful, as are the virtual tours. Plus, the ability to map the selections is most impressive. Mr Jones
  26. Have just enjoyed your swish audio slide show of the flat! Wow! Lesley
  27. I love your site, and the way the details are depicted with the movies etc for each room. Kathryn
  28. I just wanted to congratulate you on the best property website I've come across in all my searches yet. Catherine
  29. Delighted with My Foxtons and will undoubtedly find it really helpful. Jillian
  30. I just wanted to congratulate you for an absolutely amazing website. I'm considering moving to London from Singapore and have spent hours on your site - it contains every piece of information I need to choose a property and area in London. It's the best real estate site I've come across anywhere in the world! Well done. I was just compelled to email and tell you. If I choose to move with my company to London, I'll be contacting Foxtons first. Mr Gilmore

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