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Lisson Grove

A sought-after central neighbourhood bordered by Regent's Park and Marylebone

"Watching the sun set from this penthouse apartment in Marylebone really takes your breath away..."

Tania Smith

"Boating lake, wildlife and picturesque views in Regent's Park..."

Claire O'Donnell

"The canals bring a country feel to this central part of London round Regent's Park."

Charles Cutting

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Lord's Cricket Ground

A summer's afternoon watching the cricket at Lord's is hard to beat!

Clifton Greens

Really good quality organic produce at very reasonable prices!

Flower Station

If you're ever in a rush for some flowers for a loved one, just pop up to this drive-thru florist and there's no need to get out your car!

Sherlock Holmes Museum

You can visit the home of Sherlock Holmes, where he did all his detective work with a large drink and a pipe!

Regent's Park Mosque

One of the largest mosques in West London, also providing a cafeteria, library, attire and book shop.

Duke of York

A fantastic local pub for after-work drinks. Wednesday is steak night, serving great food at great value.

Abbey Road

It's great to watch The Beatles fans recreate their album cover on Abbey Road!


The best deli in St John's Wood selling everything from fruit and veg to kosher products.

Gelato Mio

The best Italian Gelato in NW8!


Megan's do the best salads and cakes - a great addition to St John's Wood High Street!

Another Country

A beautiful interiors shop selling furniture, home accessories and lighting.

The Duke of York

A really cosy pub with traditional interiors, this place is a great little spot.

The Beehive

One of the best pubs in Marylebone and an amazing selection of lagers.

The Warrington Hotel

As well as the original décor and the friendly atmosphere, the beer is good too.

Little Venice's Canals

Picturesque walks and barge spotting along the waterways....

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"Ever lost something on the Tube? The fabled London Underground Lost Property Office is located around the side of Baker Street station. Items that have been "found" over the years include a bishop's crook, a stuffed puffer fish and a garden slide!"

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