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New Homes & developments search

Find the latest New Homes & developments across London and South East England, from fashionable London apartments, penthouses, designer lofts to exquisitely restored period properties.

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Case studies

  1. Luxury New Homes and luxury apartments
    First time investor starts portfolio by acquiring a 2 bedroom newly built apartment

    David had been considering investing in property for a while before he got in touch with Foxtons. He was looking for a buy-to-let property of good value that would not only bring him steady monthly rental yield but also steady capital growth. After viewing several properties, he decided to purchase a 2 bedroom flat in The Apartments in Battersea as a buy-to-let investment. The apartment was immediately rented out through Foxtons Battersea. Having had such a good experience purchasing and letting his first buy-to-let purchase, David is looking to re-finance the apartment and re-invest in more properties.

  2. Luxury New Homes and luxury apartments
    First time investor purchases a buy-to-let property with the aim of re-financing and buying a home closer to central London

    Mr Bradfield first got in touch with Foxtons looking to buy a home in central London. After viewing several properties he found that he could not afford to buy at the current market prices and thought he was priced out of the market. However, after being shown a 1 bedroom flat in Resonate through Foxtons he decided to purchase it as a buy to let option while continuing to rent in central London. While renting himself, Mr Bradfield enjoys steady monthly rental income and is planning to remortgage the property in a couple of years in order to fund a home closer to town.

  3. Luxury New Homes and luxury apartments
    Overseas investor purchases a New Home in the Capital as a buy-to-let investment

    A Malaysian based investor, Mr Wan, purchased a £300K newly built 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with a balcony and parking in Parkside through Foxtons in 2009. The apartment was quickly rented out by Foxtons for £350 per week. Since then, the weekly rent has risen to £450 and the apartment has never been vacant. After years of benefitting from regular monthly rental income, Mr Wan is now looking to sell the property through Foxtons. The apartment's value is expected to have increased 30% in 4 years.

Interested in buy-to-let investment opportunities or looking to get more information about how to become a property investor, contact us or call 020 7973 2020.

Why choose a New Home in London?

  1. New Homes high specification kitchen
    Exceptional specifications

    New builds address modern trends and features, making them purpose-built for today's market. They have exceptional specifications, meaning they'll still be at the height of convenience in a decade or so, compared with a Victorian building.

  2. Minimal maintenance

    New builds also come with certain guarantees so, if an issue arises, you'll be able to contact the developer to take care of it for a certain period of time. This provides peace of mind when purchasing a long-term asset.

  3. Great buy-to-let option

    Many landlords prefer the minimal mainenance requirements of new builds. Many more opt for Property Management for total peace of mind. Services include collecting rent, handling administration as well as assistance with more complex issues and the provision of a 24-hour emergency helpline. Call us on 0800 369 8667 to find out more.

Call 0800 369 8667 for further information about selling property, or to find out how much your property is worth