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Top 10 features buyers are looking for in their new home

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A recent homebuyer survey from GoCompare Home Insurance identifies the top 10 features homebuyers are looking for when purchasing a new home. And while there are some predictable features amongst the top 10, such as a garden and parking, there are also a few surprises. Read on to discover what buyers may be looking for when viewing your property. And do you agree with the UK public’s choices?

At the top of the list is central heating, with 82% of people surveyed stating this is the most important feature for them when buying a property. This is closely followed by double glazing in second position and secure windows and doors in third, with nearly three quarters of respondents saying this is one of the top features they are looking for in a new home.

1. Central heating - 82%

2. Double glazing - 80%

3. Secure doors and windows - 74%

Further down the top 10 list is a garden, close proximity to local shops and amenities and parking. But amongst these common buyer demands are features like lots of plug sockets, reliable broadband and clear mobile phone signal. Although these are all important factors for everyday modern life, they might come as a surprise to some.

4. A garden - 69%

5. A good, reliable broadband connection - 59%

6. Electrical sockets - 59%

7. Local shops and amenities - 58%

With energy bills rising and homeowners now more aware of the impact their energy consumption is having on the environment, in at number 10 is a good energy efficiency rating, which is becoming a major concern for many of today’s homebuyers. UK landlords are now required by law to have a minimum energy efficiency rating of E for their properties, which reflects the increasing importance of keeping our homes efficient.

8. A driveway or dedicated parking space - 53%

9. A reliable, clear mobile phone signal - 53%

10. A good energy efficiency rating - 52%

Predictably, a landline telephone finds itself off the bottom of this list at number 19 in the same region as a garage and a dining room, which is telling of how we use the living space in our home. There’s now a greater demand for open-plan kitchens and the traditional separate dining room is disappearing from UK homes.

So, while some of these factors are within your control as a seller, others aren’t. You definitely can’t guarantee friendly neighbours – which 51% of the UK public consider an important feature of their home – but things like additional plug sockets and a shower cubicle may be something you can look into to increase the popularity of your property with potential buyers.


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