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Virtual reality: the future of property viewings at Foxtons

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Launching this week in our Foxtons Islington office, members of the public will now be able to experience a property viewing in virtual reality.


Looking out from the balcony towards Hammersmith Bridge and the River Thames, I’m really impressed by this apartment’s setting in Fulham Reach. And by the amazing communal spa and gym. In fact, I’m so impressed, I want to show my friend immediately to get a second opinion.

So, I just pass her the Samsung Gear VR headset.

The truth is, I’m not even in Hammersmith or anywhere near the Thames. In fact, I’m in the bustling Foxtons office in Islington wearing a virtual reality headset, which is certainly catching the eye of inquisitive passers by.

How does this innovative technology work?

Employing the latest cutting-edge technology, we teamed up with digital agency UI Centric who created a virtual version of an apartment in Fulham Reach using 360-degree photos, which were then stitched together and uploaded onto a Samsung S7 mobile phone – which fits inside the headset.

To complete a viewing, all you need to do is put on the Samsung headset that tracks your head and eye movement. By following a number of hotspots, you are able to move through the apartment and of course, out onto the balconies, where you can take in the fantastic views of the Thames.

A still image of the River Thames from the Foxtons Virtual Reality experience

As well as being able to immerse yourself in the chic three bedroom property with our virtual reality experience, you can also take a tour of the impressive communal facilities and explore the interactive floor plan highlighting the specification of the apartment's fixtures and fittings.

Is this the future of property viewings?

While for now the only property available in virtual reality is like this one in Fulham Reach, imagine in the future if you could walk into your local Foxtons office and view 10 properties in the same time it takes to travel to and view just one.

"Imagine walking into your local Foxtons office and viewing 10 properties at once"

It’s sometimes difficult for London’s buyers and renters to schedule in property viewings around work, kids and busy social lives. But using virtual reality technology, not only can buyers view many more than the average 5.8 properties they are viewing before finding the perfect home at the moment, but sellers and landlords can benefit from an increased number of people through their door – without even needing to open their door!

Just pop into the Foxtons Islington office to experience a virtual reality property viewing today.

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It might not be in virtual reality just yet, but start your property search today.


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